Saturday, 31 August 2013

Why Sometimes We Love a Certain Song So Much.

Have ever scrolled all over your music playlist just to find a song, old song that you love it so much but you totally forget the titles and singer for the song and just need to hear it one by one just to find that song?

And in sudden while in search you hear this one song that suddenly take you to the memory land?

The song with story to be more specific.

Maybe the song that you give to someone particularly just to describe her.

Your feeling towards her to be more specific.

Maybe the song that just in sudden very related to the event that happening around you on that particular time.

You in love to be more specific.

And today you hear the song again and you realise something,

The feeling is not the same like the old days.

I just did.
Just now.
Fuck those memories.

26 August 2013

Oh, if you just wondering, 

Ah, macam lah kau tak pernah lalu zaman jiwang.


Anonymous said...

aku tak biase jiwang-jiwang ni...jiwang-jiwang yang biase dgn aku..

EZAN IDMA said...



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